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 Standard Size Number Plate up to 10 Letters.



  Medium / USA Size Standard Number Plate up to 8 Letters.


 Small Size Standard Number Plate up to 3 Letters.


  Slimline Size Number Plate up to 10 Letters.

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Motorcycle Size Number Plate up to 6 Letters.


The Return of the Diamond!!  New Range of Colours!!  


All orders sent Registered Parcel Post within Australia.  

These Number Plates cannot be registered and are not to replace your legal number plates.

The Number Plate Factory will not supply plates that carry anything resembling a State identifier

(ie: the small line of text such as VIC, NSW, QLD, NT, WA, SA, ACT or TAS).


Made to Order Number Plates

are placed in our production queue

take up to 4 weeks for delivery  

Standard Number Plate

134 mm X 372 mm

Aluminium Embossed with Border

Medium Standard Plate USA Style

 134 mm X 317 mm

Aluminium Embossed with Border

Similar in size to the USA (Which are 152mm x 304mm) Plate.

Small Standard Plate

 134 mm X 190 mm

Aluminium Embossed with Border

Motorcycle Number Plate

 100 mm X 214 mm

Aluminium Embossed with Border